Android 4.1:Jelly Bean

18 Jul

Google unveiled Android 4.1, the latest version of its mobile operating system, code-named Jelly Bean, at the annual Google I/O developers’ conference. It but manages to bring several new features, enhancements and refinements to the entire Android OS.

Here are some exciting features:

  • Project Butter

The presence of Jelly Bean’s is focus on performance. This can be best described as Google’s latest attempt to tackle the problem through a project called Butter to improve the performance of the Android OS.
There are three things that look stunning wrapped on Butter Project, including for anti flickr, Vsync(vertical sync), To put it in simple terms, VSync is able to synchronize whatever changes you make by refreshing the LCD screen. VSync is said to be a fundamental piece in the jigsaw, especially when screen-related work is concerned. Triple Buffering to optimize OpenGL, as well as optimization of the processor to increase the responsiveness of the phone.

  • Touch

Google has also worked on Touch Responsiveness. Basically, in the real world, we touch physical objects all the time, gaining an immediate response of sensation. Google wants the same concept to apply to a touch screen display and Android is not the best example to tout, as iOS and Windows Phone platforms are superior in this aspect. Jelly Bean actually tries to predict where you’ll touch the screen next. And it’s important for Google to take steps to make the Android experience as smooth as possible.
It’s tough to tell how much of a difference Project Butter will truly make, but based on a bit of time with a Nexus 7 tablet running Jelly Bean; it seems as if Jelly Bean runs more smoothly than prior Android versions.

  • Voice Typing

Voice Typing feature is also available in offline mode. Voice Typing has the same idea in mind, although it has decided to do everything locally. This means you can even use Voice Typing when roaming, as no active data connection is required, and you need not receive a bill shock at the end of the month. The amount of lag time has also been reduced, so you should receive a faster response as well – resulting in an increase of productivity.

  • Widget

widgets are now able to re-size automatically whenever they are shifted over to a different home screen with far less real estate to work with. Not only that,  the rest of the icons are courteous enough to make way for the new widget. Automatic resizing for widgets is an extremely practical feature to have, while it also increases the overall fluidity of the user experience.

  • Keyboard

The keyboard in Jelly Bean is all about adding yet more language functionality. Included is the ability to do things like swap languages instantly thanks to a dedicated language select button. Custom keyboard inputs are also there for those who need them. It’s fast, and that’s the lasting impression it leaves.

  • Photo Gallery

Here we see an extremely wonderful feature .On Jelly Bean Android, take photos are claimed to be more intuitive. Deleting an image has just gotten far more intuitive and easier – all you need to do is just swipe it away, and it would be deleted. Hopefully there is an option to confirm the deletion process, as you can never quite tell whether an accidental brush to the side might result in your precious photos deleted .

  • Google Search

Another major update in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean would be the introduction of Google Now. As its name implies, Google Now will offer you the information you want. Google Now is basically search evolved, and tries to second-guess what you might be coming to look for based on previous searches and contextual factors. It will draw out results, presenting things like weather, sports results or appointment cards.

  • Notifications

Notifications is one of the biggest changes in Jelly Bean. Google almost got it right with Ice Cream Sandwich and in Jelly Bean they have filled in most of the gaps. Think of the notifications like as stripped down on the surface, but much more flexible should you need them to be.Notifications are stacked according to relevant applications with the uppermost being expanded. Below that, each individual notification can be expanded using pinch to zoom.

So, what do you think of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?


Xperia S VS Galaxy S3

28 May
Suhani |

This epic battle between the two finest Android phones that have ever graced our sweaty palms will hopefully make it easier for you to choose the phone to throw your money at. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is being compared to the Sony Xperia S.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great smartphone but so is Sony Xperia S. When you compare Xperia S and Galaxy S3 you have to take into consideration Sony display, Galaxy S3 processor, and also the camera of Sony. So here is a brief info about both the Smartphone.

Xperia S

Galaxy S3







Release date  

Q1 2012

May 3, 2012



GSM / HSPA+ LTE version will also be available

OS version  

Android 2.3 / probably will be upgraded to 4.0

Android 4.0 / ICS, TouchWiz interface

Screen size  


4.8″ HD Super AMOLED



1280×720 / 306 ppi


capacitive, 10 point multitouch

Capacitive / Multitouch





1.5 GHz, dual-core Snapdragon

1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4 Quad-core


32 GB storage, 1GB RAM

16/32/64 GB Storage, 1 GB RAM

Memory slot  







Micro USB






3.5 mm audio jack










Yes, Gyroscope, Barometer


12.1 MP, f/2.4, HD video recording 1080p, secondary 1.3 MP camera

8 mpx camera / 1.9 mpx front camera


LED flash



Micro SIM only

Galaxy S3 specs updated May 3, 2012


Li-Ion 1750 mAh, up to 450h stand-by, up to 7h 30min talk time


black / white

White / Blue, No black version announced


128.0 × 64.0 × 10.6 mm / 5.0 × 2.5 × 0.4 inches

136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm


144.0 g / 5.1 oz

133g / 4.7 ounces

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The next big thing “Samsung galaxy S III”.

15 May

Suhani |

The next big thing has come Samsung’s next iPhone fighter, The Samsung galaxy S3 is one the of awesome gadgets of 2012.

 The most awaited Smartphone of this year Samsung Galaxy S3was finally unveiled on May 3, 2012 by Samsung, at Apple style launch event in London.’

If you take all the latest intel, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S III depending on how you write it, sophisticated features go beyond 4.8-inch Super AMOLED+ HD screen, 1.4GHz Exynos quad core processor, feature slightly curved design like the Galaxy Nexus and come with an 8 megapixel camera.
Something which is worth mentioning is the highly advanced features of this new remarkable outstanding Smartphone it includes mind-blowing new intelligent  features we’ll be taking them one by one:

 1. Smart Stay(eye tracking)
This is a new attempt to enhances the interaction between device and the consumers. With it’s all new Smart Stay features, which makes uses of the front facing camera on the device to optimize the user experience. previously when you used to read an e-book or watching a video the display goes off in a pre defined time,this time it’s not the same. There is a  secondary camera which is used to detect the movement of your eyes so that the handset knows if you are looking at what is displayed on-screen or not. the Smartphone recognizes it and maintains a bright display, so that you don’t have to touch the display again and again just to keep it awake. Also improving the battery performance that you can expect from the model.

2. S-Beam
Android Beam was one of the most exciting features, It uses Wi-Fi Direct and NFC to allow consumers to transfer a 1GB movie file within three minutes, or a 10MB music file within two seconds, by simply touching another Galaxy S3 phone.

3. Pop up Play
Regardless, the large display is put to good use when the handset’s Pop Up Play feature is in action. This feature allows you to play a video anywhere on your screen while other apps simultaneously run on the same home screen.

4. Direct Call
this is another interesting feature. Samsung’s Direct Call, all you have to do is lift your phone to your ear and it will automatically dial the number for you.

5. Smart Alert
No more tantrums from your girlfriend or boss, the new Smartphone also saves you from embarrassing situation. With Smart Alert, your phone will vibrate to notify missed statuses when picked up after being idle.

6. Social Tag
Your Galaxy3 has the capability to recognize not just

you, but also your friends and family. The facial-recognition features built into the S3’s camera app are slick. The interface asks you to initially identify anyone who appears in a photo, then displays their social profile links as an on-screen overlay during photo playback. And also automatically tags your friends in subsequent photos, even when their faces are slightly blurred. The Google+ content will come in full, along with the Facebook profile link and a shortcut to the subject’s contact page.

7. S-Voice
The Samsung Galaxy S3 not only impresses with its excellent specification but also with some of the excellent features that are included. This voice recognition software enables users to control the phone with their own voice.
On the lines of Apple’s voice assistant Siri,  S Voice currently supports 8 different languages including English, German, Korean and Spanish.
The S-Voice functionality is not limited to basic information search or asking inane questions, it also can help to control your Smartphone. For example, if you are sleeping and alarm goes off but you want to sleep a little more, just say ‘Snooze’ and you are done.

8. AllShare Play
the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers some excellent options, when it comes to sharing material. AllShare Play uses Samsung’s AllShare service to instantly share media between Galaxy S III and your tablet, PC, and televisions regardless of the distance between the devices.

9. Buddy Photo Share
A second superb sharing feature is incorporated on this model in the form of Buddy Share.Buddy Photo Share allows you to send a pic to your friend with a single uses facial recognition to identify people who are featured in photographs that you capture with the handset.  it also sends the photograph to the email address saved on your Galaxy S III. It can be done directly from the camera or the photo gallery.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a whole new concept of technology in itself which is striving to become a natural part of your life with an aim of making your life easy.

Undoubtedly in order to beat Samsung Galaxy mania, Apple would have to offer more innovative feature.

Stay tuned to get more updates,soon we’ll put up a post which will help you in making a wise decision to choose your next smartphone among, Samsung Galaxy S3,The Apple iPhone  4S, the HTC One X or Xperia S.

Shortcuts making life easy…

25 Apr
Suhani |

Sometimes we feel that how wonderful it would have been if we had shortcut for everything.
but shortcut to everything…. Not possible!
but here are few shortcuts, which can be used on your favorite social networking site..

Alt+? search
[Alt]+m Compose a new message
[Alt]+1 Home page
[Alt]+2 Your profile page
[Alt]+3 Friend request
[Alt]+4 Your message
[Alt]+5 notifications
[Alt]+6 Account page
[Alt]+7 Privacy
[Alt]+8 Facebook’s page
[Alt]+9 Facebook’s terms /agreement
[Alt]+0 Facebook help centers
@ @ followed by a username is used to mention someone in a post or share the post with them

Note: for Firefox, use shift key in the combination else you’ll mess up with Firefox’s own [Alt] – centered operations.

Google+ :

Key Action
J Scroll down to next  Google+  stream update
K Scroll up to previous Google+ stream update
QQ Pressing Q twice moves your cursor to the search box in the ‘chat’ section of Google+
[space] Scroll down stream by regular intervals
[space]+[shift] Scroll up stream by regular intervals
[enter] When a stream update is selected [enter] moves your cursor to the comment box
[enter]+[tab] Submit comment
@ @ followed by a username is used to mention someone in a post or share the post with them


* We can use the * symbol to donate the beginning and the end of bold text.
_ We can use the _ symbol  to donate the beginning and end of italics text
We can use the ­­­- symbol to donate the beginning and end of a strikethrough text

The same formatting symbols were earlier applicable for facebook also but now it has changed.
now go on and try them..

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